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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Written By mela armono on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | 11:05 AM

Gone are the days when people did not care or perhaps simply accepted the fact of how they looked. Choosing a cosmetic surgeon was never a serious question. However, today things have changed drastically. If you are not too happy with how you look, you can always change it or get it fixed without making it sound like a big deal. After all, who doesn't want to look appealing, younger, and be more self-confident and attractive? This in return has brought forth the skill and professionalism of several surgeons around the world. However, there are some things; you need to know before finalising the one.

    The right surgeon for the right surgery: Several surgeons specialize in different parts of the body. You may perhaps want a smaller nose, a liposuction, a breast or a cheek implant, etc. Thus, find someone who has already had some type of cosmetic surgery experience in the type of surgery you need. You need to find the right surgeon for the right surgery. Avoid the one that seems to be an expert in everything. They may not give you the needed results.

    Take help: Alternatively, you may take the help of your friends, family, your family doctor, patients who have undergone a similar procedure so that you have a clearer idea.

    Pay a visit: If you want you can even try making a list of your favourite doctors and pay a visit so as to ensure whether you are making the right choice or not. You may request for a before and after picture of the patients to make a wiser decision. Thus, invest time and show some interest before you make a haphazard decision.

    Question anything and everything: Whatever questions you have make certain they are answered. After all, you are investing money and your looks are at stake. Thus, ask them to explain everything in detail. Moreover, you make sure you understand the procedure before saying the final yes.

    Is the cosmetic surgeon board-certified? Legally any doctor is permitted to do any form of operation. However, if you use a board-certified surgeon, you know they have taken the full training and are experienced enough to perform the surgery on you. Going on a consultation can be daunting. Thus, be prepared and do your research before you go.

    Don't see money as the only priority: What's more, do not let your financial constraints come in between choosing the right surgeon. This does not mean you blow up your money, but weigh the pros and cons before giving the final nod. After all, your health and looks are more important than choosing a doctor that is inexpensive and will not even give you a reason to be glad and satisfied. Hence, the money is a criterion, but not so much that your entire decision is based upon.

    Knowledge and skill: Experience is very vital. This is because more the operations, more the experience, and better the results. It will leave you with a peace of mind and keep you rest assured of handling any type of issue that comes up. Besides, you will know each aspect of your surgery enabling you with a variety of options if in case the surgery is not required.

Besides, you should rule out who:

    Does not consistently perform the procedure you are in view of
    Does not give you a chance to freely ask questions
    Disregard the risks of surgery or perhaps is not too open to talking about the probable complications
    Guarantees results

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